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Do you share selfies on Facebook regularly? Do you post your problems, stresses and challenges regularly? Do you post a mix of some of the good and lots of the bad events in your life? Are you sharing how sick you feel or how much a body part is hurting? Do you share c...

We have all heard the adage of 'What you resist, persists', but few of us apply it to the parts of us that we want to change. Many a self help book tells us that we shouldn't be angry, or scared, or sad, and that positive thinking and repeating mantras will change how...

Bullying! Anxiety! Low Self-Esteem! Drugs! Suicide! Common headline words that sadly reflect the state of a large proportion of our youngsters. Learning how to self regulate in times of crisis, being truly aware of everything around and within is no longer natural to...

You need to be aware of your boundaries, what is ok and what is not ok, for you.

It's fascinating to note that anything to do with 'Mental Health' is regarded with suspicion, skepticism, and downright horror. People would rather be diagnosed with a disease than admit to having a mental health issue.  Telling your friends that you have cancer or hea...

We all get angry at times, expressing our displeasure to the one that upset us. And it's ok to be angry as long as you can express it choice-fully and safely. Usually we understand what the issue is and can do something about it.

However, sometimes we are totally unawar...

There is a myth floating around that it's pretty sad if you can't tell your loved ones everything. This really isn't true. Even if family and friends say you can tell them anything, the reality is that you cannot.

Sometimes you may find yourself battling with a decision...

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