Whispering Sands Horse Play Centre

Horses Enhancing Humans 

Loneliness, Confusion, Stress,Trauma, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction. 

These conditions can be so hard to live with, especially when the school of life doesn't actually teach you what strategies you need to survive. Somehow you are meant to be able to cope but this is not usually the case. Invariably you find a way to get by, you can medicate with legal and illegal substances, but all these do is mask or numb the feelings inside, often creating more troubles when they wear off.

Traditional methods of dealing with mental health are often ineffective or unsatisfactory. Many people find it uncomfortable to sit in a psychologists or counsellors office, they can be embarrassed or ashamed to open up to professionals or are intimidated by them. They might have previously had unhelpful experiences with mental health workers.


Whispering Sands Equine Assisted Learning and Counselling offers an alternative service, where the practitioner includes horses in sessions and the therapy room is out-doors.  Animal Therapy has been used for many years, and Equine Assisted Counselling is particularly powerful.

Whether you require a little help with a minor issue, or you have a serious challenge EAL might be just what you need. 

No horse experience is necessary as your practitioner will ensure you have a safe experience. You will be given guidance whenever you require assistance. 

No horse-riding involved.

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Whispering Sands Equine Assisted Learning is in Bullsbrook on the northern outskirts of the Perth CBD,  near the Swan Valley.