About Us

Louise Atkinson, a Level 2 Counsellor and Supervisor, registered with The Australian Counselling Association, offers supportive, confidential and client-centred counselling sessions.

She specialises in Equine Assisted Counselling and Psychotherapy and is a Certified Advanced Practitioner and trainer with the Equine Psychotherapy Institute of Australia.

Louise specialises in anxiety, depression, trauma and PTSD, offering quality counselling in Bullsbrook.

She has a passion for assisting her clients to realise their full inner potential, developing their self-awareness, relationship, connection and growth. 

Louise enjoys working with all genders, and is gender-neutral. Louise is passionate about health and wellbeing, is big on exercising for strength and fitness, as well as enjoying hiking. She loves helping people achieve their fitness and health goals.

Louise has been partnered with horses for most of her life, through pony club and competitions, then as a Parelli 4 Star Instructor for 20 years specialising in Natural Horsemanship. She noticed how much humans needed to become aware of their own patterns, habits and thoughts when around horses to develop a long lasting relationship with them. This inspired her to study Equine Assisted Counselling so that she can help people benefit from the wisdom of the horse, even those without their own horses. Her experience with horses and people encourages clients to feel safe as they learn about themselves in the company of Louise and her herd.

She works with individuals, both adult and adolescent as well as with small groups.

Programs are available for building social and emotional skills, designed for high schools, youth groups (12+ years) and rehab centres.

Her counselling room is outdoors, immersed in Nature (weather permitting) where clients can feel at ease with both the environment and Louise's friendly, caring nature. 


No matter how great the challenge seems,

Louise will help you get there