Horses Enhancing Humans, Packages and Prices.

At Whispering Sands we have a number of different options available from private, one on one, sessions, to couples, groups, corporate events and One Day  Workshops.

If you have a small group that is interested in utilising this unique equine counselling methodology see the list below for some of our favourites, or  we can custom design a session for you. 

Prices start from just $85 for a private session when booked as a package, other prices apply.

The Horse Wisdom Program (Click for more info)

The Horse Wisdom program is a wonderful program that teaches life skills, it addresses social and emotional issues, to help people gain a better understanding and awareness of what is really happening in their lives and how to respond in a healthful manner. It is a 7 session program that can be run weekly or fortnightly, either privately or as a small group. It has been used successfully by school groups and women's groups.

10 Week Horse Wisdom Addictions Recovery Support Program (Click for more info).

This program is geared up to support those that are recovering from substance and alcohol abuse. At Whispering Sands we believe that addiction is 'looking for the right thing in the wrong place'.  The program looks at specific areas that many people struggle with, that have caused them to turn towards substances. It helps them gain clarity around their thoughts and feelings, and to learn strategies that support them in trying new ways of behaving and being. The horses support the clients in their development by offering various experiences, unlike anything a regular counselling office can offer.  It works best alongside a rehabilitation program.

Equine Assisted Learning and Counselling.

Private sessions to help you develop awareness and understanding of your patterns, thoughts and beliefs, that may no longer be serving you well. Discover the your authentic self.

Mother/ Daughter "Harmony and Horses"

You will spend special time together engaging in activities with horses that will develop your bond through deeper understanding of relationship and communication as seen through the eyes of a horse. Laugh, learn and love as you increase your self-confidence. 3 hour session, $250, Priced on one mother and one daughter, extra people can be added for additional costs. Includes morning or afternoon tea.

No horse experience necessary, no horse riding included.

Ages 12 years and over.

Father/ Son. "Herd of Men"

You will step out of your comfort zone to explore communication, relationships and problem solving while participating in fun activities with horses. A chance to laugh, learn and bond with each other as you see life through the eyes of a horse. 3 hour session, $250. Priced on one father and one son, extra people can be added for additional costs. Includes morning or afternoon tea.

No horse experience necessary, no horse riding included.

Ages 12 -80 years.

Family group. "Happy Herds".

Enhance your family unit by exploring communication and relationships while participating in fun activities with horses. Learn how horses function within a herd and how that relates to the family. Reconnect and reunite in a natural environment, surrounded by friendly horses. 3 hour session, $350. Price includes 2 adults and 2 children aged 12  to 80 years, extra people can be added for an additional cost. Includes morning or afternoon tea.

No horse experience necessary, no horse riding included. 

Horse Play for Corporate Leadership and Team Building.

Horse Play is a half day leadership program designed for the corporate sector. This will get to the heart of any leadership or team issues in a way thats unlike any corporate classroom.

Horse Sense for Kids

This program uses elements of the Horse Wisdom Program to help teenagers develop coping strategies for school andlife, assist with bullying, develop relationship. 

Regular Counselling

Room based as well as outdoor based (weather permitting). Most sessions are between 60-90 minutes long. Packages available when paid in advance.

Prices Below.
Various Packages Available for multiple sessions paid in advance