Counselling Services in Bullsbrook.
Louise Atkinson is registered as a Level 2 Counsellor and Supervisor with the Australian Counselling Association. She understands that life can become challenging and that sometimes you might need help to find your way. Her natural empathy combined with her variety of life experiences, as well as ongoing professional training, places her in an ideal position to help you through your difficult times.  
She is trained to facilitate PTSD, trauma and anxiety challenges, helping people  find coping skills to manage those challenging issues. As you become more aware of the tiniest early warning sensations you will become more skilled at managing the intensity of the feelings.
She enjoys assisting in developing  self esteem, assertion and awareness skills. She is experienced at helping with relationship issues, and developing clear communication.
She can  help parents  navigate their way through family issues. Often times, by helping the parents, they can  then make big changes  with any of their children that are struggling. Once parents get the skills and information necessary for a a better functioning family, their children will no longer have so many problems and issues.

Louise has two spaces available for counselling. One is a room in the traditional sense with aircon. The other is outdoors surrounded by nature. We can choose the most comfortable area to suit the client as well as the weather. 

A special method of counselling is also available.
Louise can also offer Equine Assisted Counselling and Learning sessions, (EAC/EAL) whereby horses assist her with helping clients address their issues. This is a great alternative to traditional counselling, particularly when regular counselling is not working as effectively as desired, or if the client has difficulty  discussing issues with a counsellor.
EAC/L is usually more effective than traditional methods, helping to get to the heart of the matter faster.
No horse or horse experience is required to utilise this special therapy.


No matter how great the challenge seems,

Louise will help you get there