Horse Play.

Horse play is about having fun with horses. As you begin to understand their psychology you can develop your relationship so that he will want to connect with you.  Instead of working our horses we start to 'play' with them. They will try harder to please you and do as you want. Before long you can have more fun with your horse than you ever imagined. Mindful Horsemanship will give you strategies and tools so that you and your horse can enjoy yourselves more.

Horsemanship Coaching

Louise Atkinson  has been teaching horsemanship since 1996, Her 'Mindful Horsemanship' has developed from many years of studying and teaching Parelli Natural Horsemanship, her studies of 'I Thou Horsemanship, a Gestalt based way of relating to horses developed by the Equine Psychotherapy Institute of Australia, as well as studying with Animal Behaviourists.

Mindful Horsemanship sees each horse and human as  individual beings, and keeps in mind what they need in the here and now, as they show up.

We address what is in the mind of the human as well as what might be in the horse's mind, searching for a  place of connection.We become deeply curious and commit to the conversation for open and honest communication.

Louise has been involved with horses for most of her life and has competed in a variety of equestrian sports including dressage, eventing, working equitation, jumping and the race horse industry.

She is available to help you develop a meaningful relationship with your horse, help you solve the issues or challenges you may be currently experiencing with your horse.

Lessons, clinics and camps.
Louise is available to teach private lessons, group lessons, clinics and camps of up to 10 students. She will work with students from age 12 years and upwards. She can teach you ground skills and also help with your horse riding skills. Coaching for Working Equitation, Jumping and dressage , whereby we work at the psychology to improve the purpose, so the horse wants to compete.
Most of the tuition is at Whispering Sands Horse Play Centre in Bullsbrook as it is set up perfectly to assist your learning journey. Louise will also travel to other areas if you have a group of 6-10 people. Contact Whispering Sands to arrange your lesson or to book in for a clinic or course.